Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Off Topic: Videogame Endings

I've got a lot of bile building up on this subject, but Yatzee says it better than I ever could near the end of his review for FEAR 2.

He's absolutely right; developers who fail to even try to create satisfying endings because they are assuming there will be a sequel or three need to be shaved, sterilized, and destroyed.

I know endings have always been a sticky spot for game developers, what with them being at the end of the production cycle and there being no guarantee that players will even get that far before being distracted by the next shiny thing. (Bump Mapping! Woo!) Hell even the venerable (Something)Shock games have lame endings and/or final levels, but this has finally passed the point of ridiculousness. Mirror's Edge and Gears of War 2 ended before bothering to even fully explain their respective premises, and GoW is already a goddamn sequel. Gaaaar!

I swear to god I will have a movie review up later this evening. Cross my heart.

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