Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Fun Stuff From Nemesis

Feast your eyes on a handful of arse-kicking, orphan that I couldn't find homes for in my post about the cyborgsploitation masterpiece Nemesis.

These are from a completely random scene in the film where a little old lady goes completely Charles Bronson on the evil robo-man who accosts her in the street.
She does quite a bit of damage with that pistol.
This scene had approximately zero percent relivance to the rest of the film. The cyborg is just a faceless goon, the old woman is in no other scenes, and there are no other random moments like this in the entire film. I guess that puts it in the "futuristic ambiance scene" category.

Gun Face Rides Again!

And the obligitory cyborgsploitation eyball-fucking-with.

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