Sunday, February 22, 2009

M.I.A. on DVD

Its a celebration of films currently unavailable on region 1 DVD this month over at Moon in the Gutter, and since that dovetails nicely with one of Video Update's major goals, here are a few posts about movies you are not going to be watching anytime soon. (At least without a multi-region DVD player and/or the wherewithal to ford the backwaters of bootleg.)

The Telephone Book - Not officially available anywhere, sadly.

Killdozer! - Also lacking any sort of official release. (But not so sadly)

Nemesis - Once upon a time it had a region 1 release, but it's currently OOP and harder to find than some totally unreleased movies.

Keep you eyes peeled for more unavailable "classics" in the coming weeks; including Class of 1999 and Night of the Creeps.

M.I.A on Region 1 DVD at Moon in the Gutter

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