Friday, February 6, 2009

The Internet is Fun and Useful

Please turn your attention to Diary of Fools for a moment and observe the newest electronic outpost for my expertise on these so-called "moving" pictures. The gears of hilarity are turning, and should soon add some much needed color and motion to your dreary, flickering monitor.

That or you could just go search for "dancing kitty" on YouTube.

Wait, no! Stick around.......

Damn. You've already gone, haven't you? If not, enjoy the synaptic meltdowns that are Polish Movie Posters:

Most foreign markets perform some sort of localization on promotional materials (aside from the obvious language changes) but those crazy Poles say "fuck it" to the studio's art assets and work their homemade brand of post-Soviet magic. If this is what they can do with films that have good poster art, imagine what they could be making out of the absolutely awful, designed-by-committee one-sheets that pollute our multiplexes with their innumerable, overphotoshopped floating-heads.

I'm totally buying the El Topo poster for my basement.

Check Well Medicated for more.

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