Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Japanese Ghosts + Monkeys =

Defiling your trousers with terror (and poo).

I sure hope my computer's up-to-date Japanese Ghost Blocker™ can handle this unholy union of simian and Yūrei.

Mad Props to Kindertrauma for the find.


  1. please hold me, knarf. please tell me everything is ok. i ate a banana this morning. i'm. so. scared. i'm so scared of japanese ghost monkey.

  2. I shouldn't have watched that video.

    Maybe I won't die in seven days if I don't answer the Bananaphone when it ring ring ring ring ring ring rings.

  3. Oh.. Blaine you are in so much trouble. I will protect you. I'm going to set up some cameras around your cube.

  4. No Cory, they can use cameras to travel around. Technology in general is a bad idea. Tape up your doors with red duct tape, call an exorcist, and let me have your iPhone for safe keeping. The building is lost to us, we're going to have to burn this mother down!