Saturday, March 28, 2009

Off Topic: The Day My Xbox Finally Died

I thought I was smart by waiting for the HDMI equipped, supposedly Red Ring of Death free Xbox 360s when I got mine. It turns out that Microsoft improving their products is like dividing by zero: it'll just take longer to die and/or will do it in new and unusual ways.

This is also a cautionary tale about putting all your eggs in one basket, as the 'box was responsible for about 90% of the pretty pictures that my TV produces. Beyond videogames, of which (you may have noticed) I am a fan, it streamed video off my computer, played instant Netflix, had an HD DVD player, (damn I'm lame) and was my most reliable DVD player. (My fancy-shmancy Oppo is possessed by demons.)

Thank goodness for Roku, or I'd have to watch reality TV right now.... or worse.... think.


  1. Just when I finally got around to adding you, too.

    Well, shit.

  2. I already gave in and got one of the new "arcade" models with the smaller power supply. It was only slightly more expensive than sending it back, and now I can hang onto the old one with the hope that they will do the extended warranty thing again.

    'Twas a minor pain in the arse to transfer over your "licenses" for downloaded shit, though.