Sunday, March 15, 2009

Head for the Hills! The Zombie Invasion Starts Soon!

io9 has a hilarious comparison of Avon's new marketing campaign with some of the viral(ish) teasers from Resident Evil Apocalypse. (Now if only the studio had hired filmmakers of the same caliber as the marketing team; then I wouldn't have to squint and cover my ears in order to pretend I'm watching a good zombie movie.)

I recently saw a big print ad for this somewhere (Target I believe) and had to stare at it for a little while and wonder about the sanity and cultural awareness of the Avon marketing department. Being commander cynical, my next thought was that it represented some sort of synergistic ploy on the parts of Capcom and Avon to cross promote their respective products... but that makes little to no sense considering the vast gulfs between the target markets of zombie fans and gracelessly aging women. I guess said gulfs are so vast that they never expected the RE market to even notice, or (more likely) the gulf is so big that they don't even know what the T-Virus is and it is all a big, goofy coincidence.

Once again, Occam's Razor sucks all the fun out of things.

Also, to the women who actually buy these things, resulting in the massive explosion of "wrinkle cure" banner advertising that has plagued the interwebs in recent years: we all get old and uggo eventually. The only thing that can really help is staying fit, eating right, and not overdoing your skin's exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Most everything else is just going to shrink your wallet and/or make you look like a waxen, inhuman corpse brought to life.... much like the T-Virus.

Okay, now I get it.

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