Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Melora Takes a Chance on Don't Mess with the Zohan

It was there on Watch it Now of Netflix. In the comedy section. Adam Sandler from my fond media memories of his Saturday Night Live start and then solo career putting his comedy songs and bits on a cassette tape, which I listened to in my car. He appeared in movies then: Big Daddy, Waterboy, Little Nikki (also on Watch it Now). But also in great movies, like The Wedding Singer, and Punch Drunk Love where you got to see his more dramatic side. Playing the outcast. And we mustn't forget, the action/cop movie I think he did...or was that someone else. (I think you are thinking of Bulletproof with Sandler and a Wayans brother. It has one funny joke about farm animals peeing on people, but otherwise is a blight upon cinemadom - Knarf)
Anyhoo here are reasons I'm currently enjoying Zohan:

It takes place in another country in the beginning. It's always good to get out of your comfort zone in movies. We are in modern Israel, a land of sunshine, tan people, and hairy men. Adam Sandler fits right in. He's in shape, for Adam, and who doesn't like to see fit people? We get a full dose of Adam Sandler humor in this flick. (That's going in the "pro" column? Seriously? - K) They bring in the desire to be a hairdresser right away and I immediately thought of a recent movie I watched, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I liked that movie and I think I'll like this movie too. I love the Israeli food and drink products he's constantly advertising. John Tuturro of great movies like The Big Lebowski is a wonderful villain character.

Act II: New York City. Love to see Chris Rock. His antics that people usually love in his country are not well received. Israeli stereo store in New York City. Very stereotypical. Haggling. Insulting? Good music. Constant Hummus eating. Every time I get turned off by the visual, there's a good song on. So gross! And then he fucks his clients. And then C&C Music Factory makes it okay. Let's hump our customers. I like that this movie makes me a little uncomfortable.
Message Recieved: I learned softball when I first moved here. When you're arab, it helps to fit in. And now, it's a Romeo and Juliet type movie. And we get really tense and then we settle our differences with a speech about how everyone thinks they're the same in America so it doesn't matter. Now for some sweet blowing up of stuff and butt kicking. To save the day we must make a Isreali/Palistinian magic vocal sound which hasn't been made in 2000 years. And Woa, there is a really fat Bruce Valance in a really short cut away. They make a giant arab friendly indoor mall. Oh now its the first floor of Mall of America Kiosks. Smulchy ending. How Jewish.

Knarf's Take: For a blonde haired, blue-eyed German, Melora sure likes the Jews a whole lot. (Especially Mel Brooks.) Also, I think she is rebelling against me for all the "rape" movies she's been subjected to over the years. (In my defense, Straw Dogs is really good, and I Stand Alone only has statutory rape in it. Everything else is just brutal violence against women.)


  1. The ZOHAN is on Instant Watch? I am so putting this on, as soon as I get done with Balls of Fury.