Friday, October 2, 2009

Freaking Finally: A Horror Remake I Can Stand Behind

Check out the brand new trailer for the upcoming remake of George Romero's The Crazies:

Ever since the Asian Horror remake bubble, genre bloggers complaining about the unnecessary remakes has become a virulent epidemic. In a word where audiences are so subtitle shy, US studios are so creatively bankrupt, and and so much money has to be wasted redoing already brilliant films like Let the Right One In, who can blame us. Fortunately, with so many genre films being mined, the studios were bound to get one right eventually.

The original Crazies is an interesting concept from an influential (if very hit or miss) director. It covered a lot of the same ground as his zombie films, but in a different way. The problem is that it's really quite awful in execution. The story is muddled, the acting is terrible, and the direction is indifferent at best. A bigger budget and some slick modern filmmaking is just what the doctor ordered.

Now if only they can resist the urge to pile on the 'shaky cam' and dig up some less overcooked trailer music. (The Donnie Darko song? Seriously? Didn't Gears of War kill that one already?)


  1. Come on though… "All around me are familiar faces/no expressions?" You knew it was coming in a zombie film, let's just hope it's only in the trailer.

    Otherwise, looks very promising. I'm definitely digging Timothy Olyphant as the reluctant sheriff cum hero, simply because Deadwood ended with no suitable closure and I figure a zombie holocaust would suffice as well as any finale.

  2. Deadwood? I didn't see the last episode. I assume there was a satisfying shootout, where most of the cast were killed except for a few virtuous souls like Doc Cochran and Jewel. I'm seeing Swerengen laid out dead on top of a pile of slaughtered Pinkertons, a knife in each hand and a grin from ear to ear. I'm usually a pretty good prognosticator about these things.

    What? That's not what happened?

  3. I assumed that they all swore so much that the air finally turned blue and asphyxiated them.

  4. Oh lord - they are remaking "Let the Right One In"? ALREADY! Why??? Too slow paced for american pop-corn poppers... or not in the universal language of English?