Friday, January 23, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You...

.....Excuses. This week's review of the 2002 TV masterpiece The Rats will not be seen today, as Netflix has dropped it from Watch Instantly and I don't want to pollute my standard queue with its awfulness in order to get screen-caps. I should really start a second queue for movies that I'm only enjoying ironically. That, or Netflix should have different tiers of movie rating. It's awkward to try and rationalize how Surf Nazis Must Die has the same 4-star rating as Andrei Rublev.

Thankfully, one of my fellow drones had the poor luck to receive the abomination in a pile of terrible DVDs at the office white-elephant gift exchange this year. (I'm pretty sure they were floating about at last years, as well.) She'll be bringing it in on Monday, so expect a vulgar rant about the absolute worst monster killing plan in the history of cinema.

While you wait, ponder these other killer rat flicks:
Of Unknown Origin
Food of the Gods
Willard (1971) & (2003)
Mulberry Street - A mutant hybrid of the rat and zombie genres
The Secret of NIMH - Childhood classic & sort of like The Rats from the rodents' perspective


  1. I absolutely love Glover's performance in the 2003 Willard.

  2. Yeah, he is one of the most underemployed actors around. Someday I'll get around to seeing What is it?