Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Death to Mannequins

Sorry folks, Knarf is suffering from a crippling bout of "the stupid." I'll try to get things back on track this week, work and E3 news be damned. (Left 4 Dead 2 - Holy crap!)

Coming soon:

-Whatever Happened to Baby Anchor Bay Week?

-Tales of the Well Intentioned but Dangerously Psychotic.

-Peak Oil? You Wish - When Killer Mutant Petroleum Products Attack

-Knarf Finally Watches Class of 1999 While Sober

For now, feast your eyes on the most dangerous monster of all: the semi-animate mannequin.

The horrors.

And most terrifying of all.


  1. I've been afraid of mannequins ever since I saw the 1987 flick with Andrew McCarthy.

  2. Stop playing Prototype and update your damned blog!