Friday, May 8, 2009

Off Topic: Prototype

I've had my heart broken a lot by videogames recently (even Bioshock had some disappointing moments) but it is hard not to get excited about the above. Sorry for the stupid age gate; some jerk doesn't want 16 year olds who are too dumb to lie about their age to see all the dismembering.


  1. Holy CRAP, that looks tight. It's almost like the developers said, "we're thinking he'll be like this...Spidey-Hulk-Wolverine-Mystique kind of a guy. Oh, and he's got a big bladey-arm like that one jar-head boss character from RE4. You like?"

    I like.

  2. It is sort of like they couldn't decide on which powers to use and just said "Fuck it--he's got all of 'em."